Hanne Uekermann is King At Night

Als een bekende een winning move maakt dan juichen we vanaf de zijlijn. Zo ook voor Hanne Uekermann, een Deense ondernemer uit Amsterdam. Na jaren ronddwalen in de creatieve sector start Hanne haar eigen artiesten-agency: King At Night.

De officiële launch is, heel toepasselijk, op Koningsnacht in bar Struik. Met namen op haar roster als DJ Gringo Vikingo en Jazzy Jasper vinden we het de hoogste tijd om even te bellen met de woman of the hour.

Hi Hanne! Please tell our readers who is Hanne Uekermann and what does she do?

I’m an agent, editor, DJ and a lover. I’ve come from Copenhagen to Amsterdam to connect with my Dutch roots, to study, dig the art underground and make a career.

In the past decade, I’ve worked for different record stores, music venues, festivals, toured with bands, acted in a Russian opera and been an online editor on several projects. Yes, my head has been flip-flopping all over the place. Nowadays I’m more aware of what I do, pay attention and stay put.

I saw on your socials that you started a new adventure. Can you tell a little bit about what King At Night is?

Basically, King At Night started out as a PR & booking agency, that represents a handful of talented artists. All of which can be booked to any bar, fair, festival, hotel, reception or wedding. The event industry has always fascinated me.

How did you come up with the concept?

Over the years, I dreamt about having my own label, but after the record industry collapsed I changed my mission to a booking agency. During my studies at the University of Amsterdam, I had quite a few job interviews in the advertising and music industry. I got an option to go work for Spotify in London, but I got a dog, house and partner that prevents me from travelling.

In Amsterdam I ended up as second or third in most interviews due to lack of business development experience.  You know, after graduating, I felt the need to create my own thing and learn more about the business as a female entrepreneur.

How did you came up with the name?

One day I visited an exhibition of German illustrator Stefan Marx, who covered the walls in “KING AT NIGHT / HIT AND RUN”. That really started it all.  Besides, it comes close to a Danish expression, “konge om natten, konge om dagen”, which basically means that if you can be king at night, you should be able to be king at daytime too. I live by that reference.

Are you doing this alone or with a team?

In essence I work alone, but I wish to do collaborations with other artists and labels in the future.

Which artists do you represent and where can we find them online? 

I have a group of six different artists, that can do any kind of show. Counting three electronic artists and a jazz trio, a quartet and a quintet. First, there is Osnabrück musician, producer and DJ, Cass., who creates experimental ambient mainly built of loop-based samples and synthesizer collages.

Over the years, he has released his solo-works on various labels, such as Dauw, Home Normal and Emotional Response, International Feel and Throne of Blood. Today, Cass. has moved towards an exploratory club sound and the art of DJ’ing. Cass. will be supporting Gigi Masin in Berlin in May and will be playing at festival ‘Nachtdigital’ with Jan Schulte / Wolf Müller / Bufiman in August in Leipzig.

Sounds great, who else do you represent?

Next, there is Jazzy Jasper, who pioneers an innovative approach to music. He has worked continuously as a DJ, music researcher for Sizzer Music Agency and as a passionate music journalist.

Also, he is a monthly key contributor to the Red Light Radio, located in the Red Light District in Amsterdam, where he impresses his many global listeners with his gems. In general, Jazzy Jasper is a extraordinary DJ and plays monthly at trendy joints such as the Skate Cafe, Bar Lux and Mono.

Grooving straight from the Red Light District, nice!

Then there is my personal hero, DJ Gringo Vikingo, who has split his time between Amsterdam and Barcelona. Gringo Vikingo is a fun and fearless DJ, with a huge collection of 80s boogie, disco, funk and house. A DJ that don’t do parties by halves.

And finally, there’s the jazz projects. All of which are built around three musicians: Pierre Balda (double bass), Stefan Bos (piano) and Tony La Gatta (drums). These guys take jazz to the next level and have all followed classes at the conservatory in Amsterdam and New York.

Take the ‘La Gatta Trio’, who plays a setlist of jazz standards, bossa nova’s and ballads. Reviving Horace Silver, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Stan Getz and George Gershwin. The La Gatta Trio (+) will be performing at Jazz Cafe Alto the 13th of April in Amsterdam.

That’s a hell of roster you have there. The music industry is a competitive world. How do you plan to conquer it?

After + 10 years of experience in the music industry in Holland, I have a broad knowledge of the current market and a solid relationship with many promoters, festival organizations and venues within Amsterdam (area). I embrace a different audience and corporate marked in the entertainment business.

In final, I will use their weaknesses and focus on expanding my business with bars, high-end hotels, fairs, festivals and international event organizations. Most of the artists I represent are my friends, who I fight for, support and respect.

How much time do you invest in this project?

I work part-time in sales and marketing for a graphic artist and do all the groundwork for my agency on my days off.

You’re official launch party is the evening of 26th, King’s Night. What can we expect?

King At Night does Kings Night. Our launch takes place on Thursday 26th of April at legendary bar Struik, Rozengracht 160, Amsterdam. I expect to see a bunch of club kids, designers, friends, musicians and travellers go down on the dancefloor by then. Cass. will be performing from 17-18.30 and hereafter Jazzy Jasper plays b2b with Gringo Vikingo.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

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We will. Thanks Hanne, have a good one!

BIG thanks to DATmagazine! 

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